A cheerful ex-military engineer with a painful past.


light reading music

This is a demo character to test out ways to make things look cooler.

Unarmed Attack (Punch) Skill+1,STR+ 2 1d6 Cyborg arms are STR 12 for attacks.
Piston Harpoon Skill+0,DEX+1 3d6+ 4 225 8 x2. Shaft telescopes out from arm to 3 meters. Ignore half enemy armor
Heavy 10 mm Revolver (HEAP) Skill+2,DEX+1 5d6-4 150 8 6 HEAP bullets. Ignore 5 enemy armour. He often fires both guns at once with a – 2 Mod. Each one has a Gyrostabalizer and a H.U.D. device giving a + 2 Mod to all ranges. A Speed loader helps in re- loading
Grenade- Smoke Skill+1,DEX+1 15 6 X8. 6 meters of – 2Modifier.
Grenade- Stun Skill+1,DEX+1 3d6 30 9 x4. 6 meters blast, Use Damage as – Mod to enemies END check. Fail=stun.
Armor Combat 300 11 Armor =12, weighs 18 KG
Armor Ablat 75 9 Armor =1, Plus 6 Vs lasers. Under Combat Armor
Armor Cyborg Arms ? 8 Armor=2 each, 4 total added to Combat Armor and Ablat= Total Armour 17
Drug Adrenilizer 150 10 x2. A dose is like 10 hours of sleep. Can function for 30 hours. Then Crash.


Demonstration site Hammerfe77