The Yeomen

In Her Majesty’s Palaces the guarding of the gates and walls is an honor that falls to the Regiments of Guards and they do a splendid job. However, in these difficult times a special group of men have been assembled to offer close protection for Her Majesty and her immediate family, the Yeoman Guard.
Each Yeoman is a decorated veteran who is mustered out of the Army or Navy and then attached to the Royal Household. These fine men are loyal unto death and, if they survive their service, are guaranteed a pension and a place at the Royal Military Hospital Chelsea.
The current Yeoman Guard has several Welshmen of the 24th Foot, who gave their service with distinction at Rorke’s Drift. Her Majesty is said to love to hear them sing in their barracks at Windsor.
The Yeoman Guard are not officially a military formation and they have no officers, reporting instead to the Lieutenant-General of the Yeoman Guard, an honorific given only by Her Majesty, often to men who have served on the General Staff in her many wars. The veteran sergeants of the guard organize their duties in line with the Royal Household Stewards.
Within the household they are the only men permitted to bear arms and are excused saluting officers and bowing to Her Majesty and the Prince of Wales.

The Last Defence

Sergeant Of The Guard 3+ +3 +3 +0 48 Bayonet Drill, Leadership +1, Tough Military Rifle w/ Bayonet, Breath Preserver
Yeoman Guard 4+ +2 +2 +0 36 Bayonet Drill, Tough Military Rifle w/ Bayonet, Breath Preserver
Any Yeoman Guard may take up to two Concussive grenades* (+ 5 points).
Any Yeoman Guard may take the Marksman talent (+ 5 points).
A Sergeant can take the Fearless talent (+ 5 points).

* The Concussive grenade is a device that disorientates and discombobulates those it affects. It ignores armour and, if the victim fails their Pluck roll, they are knocked down, not killed. It was devised to be safe to use in areas where many people of renown may be gathered.

The Yeomen

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