Din Tindalos

They call him "Hound of Tindalos"


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Din Tindalos Human Male, Age: 34, Hair: Silky Smooth, Eyes: Flashing, Weight: 64 Kg, Hight: 1.8 M
+1 to DEX skills, +1 to END skills, +1 to SOC skills, -2 to EDU skills
Skill Level | Skills
+2 ………… Carouse

+1 ………… Admin, Advocate, Deception, Gun Combat (Slug Pistol), Mechanic, Social Science (Psychology),………………Stealth, Streetwise, Vacc Suit

+0 ………… Computers, Drive (Mole, Tracked, Wheeled), Gun Combat (Slug Rifle, Shotgun, Energy weapons),……………… Investigate, Recon, Social Sciences (Archaeology, Economics, History, Linguistics, Philosophy, ………………Sophontology), Trade (Biologicals, Civil Engineering, Polymers, Hydroponics, Space Construction)

Born into a family of law enforcers on the planet of New Detroit, Din was breed for the life of a policeman and trained in the ways of investigation and combat. However, as he grew of age he chose to leave public service and join up with one of the more powerful Mega-corporations called United Starlift, much to his families’ dismay. Din found life as a Trouble-Shooter pretty much the same as a policeman, but with better pay and a cool-ass car. Promotion to Agent was easy. It was when he was assigned to become a bodyguard that things got…dicey.
The body in question was the Boss’s daughter, a lathe little thing made of cotton candy and suntan lotion. Who wouldn’t fall madly in lust er… love with her? Din sure did. Then a cold splash of reality. Separatists dissatisfied with the way things were ran in the New Detroit sector took the Corporate Yacht and all the members of the Boss’s family hostage including Din. Falling back into police mode he secretively contacted a Justice Commission member from inside the space vessel and through a daring vacc suited rescue everyone was saved and the separatists brought to justice.
And that shot him right into the spotlight of the media as Celebrity. His dashing good looks and his…let’s face it people, common man’s level if mentality, made him a darling of the social networks. You may have seen him on some celebrity/ survival shows from the sector, his constant pictures in the SolNet news-mags or maybe in one of his 2 made for Holovid movies.
Din took a long look at what his life had become and decided it was time for a change. After a tearful good-bye to his family and a horribly public break-up from his beautiful fiance he took working passage to Earth and enrolled into the Justice Commission. Although not well educated, his extensive social connections and good nature quickly lead him to Detective. However, he was assigned more PR jobs then actual detective work. He lobbied the bureaucracy to fund certain in-house projects then would visit them on site under the guise of filling out reports. For a long time this was the only way for him to get into the Field.
Now Din is becoming restless again, mainly because his assignments are increasingly Public Relations orientated. He is looking for a way to prove that under his veneer of handsome, social grace there thrives hard man ready to deal out justice to law-breakers all around the galaxy.