Trina Et-Sable

Rich, beautiful, smart...A guy would be a fool to leave her.


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Trina Et-Sable Human Female, Age: 22, Hair: Soft as morning light, Eyes: Ice Blue, Weight: 54 Kg, Hight: 1.4 M
+1 to INT skills, +1 to EDU skills, +2 to SOC skills

Skill Level | Skills
+2 ………… Art (Modeling)

+1 ………… Admin, Advocate, Deception, Social Science (Psychology),

+0 ………… Computers, Social Sciences (Archaeology, Economics, History, Linguistics, Philosophy, ………………..Sophontology), Carouse, Persude

The planet called New Detroit in the Subsector of the same name is a boom town of business and enterprise. Founded by The Barnard Conglomerate it boasted quite a large industry base when the Fall occurred. Faring better than most, FEconA bought most of the disused planetside companies during the Recovery Years. Then Kentarus Holdings began a campaign of re-colonization and crept ahead of the other megacorporations in the seizing of power on this very important industrial world. However, 26 years ago United Starlift arrived on the scene with a vicious new kind of weapon. Trina Et-Sable.

Trina was the only daughter of Alphad Et-Sable and his wife, Aletha. Alphad was one of the 25 members of ‘The Star Chamber’ the top executives of the emerging Megacorperation, and he was spearheading the thrust to take over New Detroit. Not financially, not at first. He planed to use his daughters grace and beauty to slake the Detroitians thirst for entertainment. Trina was 13 when she started appearing in Videos for music and dance. A movie here and there cemented her name in the minds of the people Alphad came to lure away from the other businesses. With her youthful run-ins with the Law and her publicized gifts to the poor, all was going as planed and Trina was now a household name in the factories and mines of the world. Then disaster struck when she turned 18.

A foiled hijacking brought a handsome corporate bodyguard to the attentions of Trina. She very publicly fell in love and they began to go off the very well planned track Alphad had laid for her many years ago. She started her own fashion modeling firm and was wildly successful. Rumor had it that the bodyguard convinced her not to use family money nor ask for aid. The antics of these young romantics were well documented by SolNet and it was as if the dingey, soot stained populace of New Detroit lived the good life through them.

Alphad was furious. His tactical maneuver to win the hearts of this out-flung dirt heap had gone astray. If it wasn’t for that un-educated bodyguard turned celebrity Trina would have been married to the 87 year old Chairman of Barnard and then Starlift would have had controlling power of his Subsector. So it was then that he set loose on his own daughter his most horrific weapon, Aletha.

Alphad and Trina’s relationship were strained at the best, especially since the announcement of her engagement. So Aletha began to talk to the happy couple under the guise of wanting to aid their love. But with soft comments of loyalty to family to her daughter and hushed whispers of a Law Agent career unfinished to the bodyguard within weeks the lover’s attitude towards each other had cooled. Eventually the Bodyguard announced that he planned to leave the Subsector and join up with the Justice Commission at Sol. This news devastated Trina and the media and the peoples of New Detroit.

Luckily her mother was there to lead her back into the fold of the Et-Sable Family and once again her father could use her for the purpose that she was genetically bred for. Domination.

Trina Et-Sable

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