Action/Adventure/Romance/Comedy/Spy Thriller


A black market copy of one of this summers run-away block buster hits. This Holo-Vid is a small Synth-Plast crystal about the size of your thumb. With a pale blue light constantly flickering inside and a label made of organized photons that float in the air and proudly display (amongst illusionary explosions) its’ title…

Captain Will Shaunnessy Vs. The Lava Women

A quick read of the info panel shows you (in bold letters) that this movie is based on the real events of Captain Shaunnessy’s life and actual footage has been used when able. A vast majority of this film had to be made using Computer Graphics Imaging due to the fact that a mysterious and powerful arm of the Imperial Scout Service deleted the parts it deemed “Not suitable for human viewing”. The Director and Special Effects credits go to Jaysya Sunstein who states that she was an integral part of the crew of the Princess during the making of this film. More credits go to various popular actors from Glisten who portray key roles.


Captain Shaunnessy Vs. the Volcano Women


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