Entrenching Tool

Zombie Splitter


“See! I has sharpened the edge to be very sharp. Ja!” Lodd says proudly holding his Entrenching Tool in one large, meaty fist and a near-to-breaking whet stone in the other. the edge was truly sharpened, more so then needed to pierce the earth, its original intention. The whole process could have taken less time and had produced a better quality sharpness if it weren’t done by someone who was all thumbs (hindrance)when it comes to these delicate matters. But the endeavor kept the Slavic giant busy during the long drive in the half-track.

“Now I can has it to chop or poke Nazi heads!” Lodd demonstrates on air.

“Yeah, dats prutty good, Lodd-y.” Terry yells over his shoulder from the drivers seat.“Ya knows that if ya flips it out fast enough da pivot will loosen-up and the shovel head will snap in ta place, jus like da switchblade knife I had back in da Bronx.”

Lodd furrows his brow at the half understood words. He closes the shovel head to the shaft as if to stow it away then extends his arm with lightning quick speed. The shovel head does indeed flip to its prepared position like a switchblade but with an audible snap it breaks loose and is flung out into the German forest.

Lodd just looks at the splintered wooden shaft.

Taffy hands him another entrenching tool. “Here you go, big guy.”

Entrenching Tool STR+ 1d6 If sharpened can both pierce and chop. Uses one whole whetstone to sharpen

Entrenching Tool

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