The Diary

Rickman's Diary from Twisted Earth


Rickmann’s Diary is a teastimonial to the last peoples of a doomed planet


Rickmann’s Diary

June 10, 2112. I can’t believe it; it’s finally come to this. I must have been in shock the day the order came because I can’t remember us locking up. All I could think of was dear Julie, my dear, sweet Julie. New York City gone. Completely gone. But we have a job to do, and I must forget … forget everything, forget it all. It’s all gone
now anyway, isn’t it?

June 11, 2112. We were hit last night. Radar tracked the SS coming in. Fortunately for whatever reason it wasn’t direct: our radar tracked it hitting some miles to the east, beyond Wilsden. The shockwave and fallout have had their effect however. We stand tall, despite the collapse of sections A and B. It doesn’t matter, we’ve already launched. Kiev, Canterbury, and Munich stand in ruins. And it was my order. My goddamn order…

June 16, 2112. No contact. Some of the men are showing signs of strain. Frost is keeping to himself, too quiet. I wonder about him. Bolland is keeping his hold well, and is taking stock of the supplies with his usual orderliness. If this ends – if it ever ends – I want that man commended.

June 17, 2112. No contact. Sent Mullins out today in a suit to check the surface radiation level. I could tell the man’s sanity was slipping, and wasn’t sure he’d come back.

June 18, 2112. Still no contact. Someone is stealing supplies – if this persists we’re not going to last. Who cares? There’s nothing left anyway. Nothing but a desolate world of radiation and poison. Dear God what have we done?

June 19, 2112. No contact. What’s the use? There’s no one out there, no one left. We’re all alone.

June 21 2112. A new problem. One of the Janissaries didn’t recognise Frost’s ID today, and only ducking into a doorway saved him from being fired on. Fortunately the rest of the ID’s seemed to be working, including poor Pinkerton’s badge, which he was able to wear instead. The best case scenario is that his badge was affected somehow when he went up to take surface readings. The worst case is some sort of corruption of the security programming-if that is the case God help us.

June 21 2112. It’s strange how a new problem diverts attention from the rest of the world collapsing around us. If the security programmes are faulty it is only a matter of time before we’re all killed by the Janissaries. With a lot of luck we might survive against the most of the droids, but if Suleiman is corrupted there will be nothing we can do-we don’t have any weaponry that can stop him. While at least some of the protocols are still working we have thus decided to disable him by draining him next time he enters his stable. Once he’s powered down we can simply disable his microwave scoops which will render him inoperative. We’ll all feel a lot safer that way.

June 22 2112. It’s done. I managed to access the maintenance protocols and power down Suleiman. It was a relatively simple matter to disconnect the scoop relay feeds on Suleiman, so he won’t be getting power beamed anytime soon. We’ve also powered down most of the Droids but one of the J-2’s seems to have gone missing. This may be a problem.

July 20, 2112. Strange noises tonight, echoing in the complex. Mullins is losing his cool.
Thinks there’s something in the complex with us. Bolland thinks it’s the structure in Silos A and B, just creaking. That must be the cause. Lasted for a few hours, then died out completely.

July 21, 2112. Frost has failed to report to duty. A search has turned up nothing. He’s gone
mad, fled to the surface. None of the suits are missing – he won’t last three hours out there.
Poor devil.

July 22, 2112. Mullins has cracked. Says he saw the J-2 in the tunnels, but … I fear Mullins is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and will be detained until he shows some sign of improvement.

July 23, 2112. Strange noises again last night. I think the complex is weakening. I fear we may not have much time left, though we cannot go to the surface yet – Rads registering at 2000. Mullins was screaming nearly until dawn about the J-2 ‘tampering with the disabled Droids. I need to check this. Note to self – are the supplies of morphine running extraordinarily low, or am I imagining it? Did Frost steal the stock before fleeing? Bolland claims the stock is as it should be.

July 25, 2112. Mullins has had an overdose and is comatose. I think Bolland has been dipping into the morphine – he is totally withdrawn. I checked the stables where we wrapped the disabled Janniseries, and two of the J-1s are missing. I fear Mullins may be right-unless he has moved them. I can’t really rely on anyone.

July 26, 2112. Dear Lord watch over us. Only you can save us now. Confronted Bolland about the morphine. He has confessed to stealing not only morphine, but also water and food. Claims we are going to die no matter what. He’s right. There really is no hope for us – the world outside is gone. May we all burn in Hell for what we have done.

July 28, 2112. Strange noises again last night. I also think I heard- for a few moments- heavy tread tracks. I have sealed the entry corridor into Silo 2, which is where Suleiman was recharging when we disabled him. I sent Bolland to check using the tunnels as a roundabout route, but he hasn’t returned. Will take gear and find him tomorrow.

July 29, 2012. Put raving Mullins out of his misery. Taking pistol into the tunnels. Will find Bolland. Will return and take another surface reading.

Here the journal ends. No further entries are recorded.

The Diary

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