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To Kill A God

One of the team still has connections with Imperial Naval Intelligence. They want us to sneak onto a restricted planet called Pavibid and hypnotize their leader. This guy is the head of the main religion/government and fancies himself a God.
This is Taeva’s list.
The mission is a sucess, but fraught with danger. Below is a picure of this guys floating castle.

Tardis side view final

Party down on Collace

Another spacer. We (as the tagline says) party down.

The bad delivery

We jump to Collace no problem, but are attacked as soon as we arrive. Some assassins are gunning for a rich merchant on board. In the process of repelling the killers we accidently rip open one of the corgo containers. A whole bunch of badges saying “FREE COLLACE” free float off into outer space. We become famous for a while but our old boss is PISSED.


Another Spacer

Yet another spacer. Please disregard.

This is just a spacer

This is just a spacer to see if the jump from the Main Page goes to the Adventure Logs or a one shot Wiki page… We’ll see.

A meeting of the Mercinaries

Five recently un-employed adventurers are drawn into the offices of Djim Trading. They talk amongst themselves then are lead into see Mr. Djimm. He is a Star Merchant with a need to transport some cargo and he is willing to pay handsomely to ensure the cargo arrives safely to a planet called Collace. One hitch though, no one can ever look inside…

Car business 2


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