Ageing and Injuries

Mantis Moe………13..10..7..6..5..0……..Strontium Dog

Level 0: Broker, Comms, Computers, Deception, Persuade, Pilot, Streetwise
Level 1: Athletics (Co ordination), Gun Cbt (Blasters), Melee (Unarmed),Stealth, Trade (Pickpocket), Special Weapons
Level 2: Investigate

Right Arm Mutation=Right shoulder and arm are chitinous and insect-like.

“Ey! Ey! Karm down else or I sent ya minty rotters to the Ossie.”

Moe was born on the outskirts of Liverpool, a decaying port city ruined by the wars of the previous decades. The lot of most Liverpudlians was somewhat poor anyway, and when Kreelerbase Mersey was set up on the old Pier Head just prior to the Mutant rebellion, the Kreelers heavy handed tactics initially resulted in the deaths of normals and mutants in the infamous “Lord Street Massacre”. True to form, there was rioting in the streets, leading to further deaths and a virtual besieging of the Kreeler HQ.

The situation was very bad, and then when the rebellion kicked off Liverpool, along with Glasgow declared itself a free city, and things went from bad to worse. The setting up of a workers council co-ordinating opposition to the Kreelers did not go down well with central government (such as it was).

The city thus shared with Glasgow the nearly unique status of the entire city being declared a Mutant Zone, even though a large proportion of the population were not mutants. With only the fortified Pier Head area and a small portion of docks being retained by government forces, and the perimeter around the old orbital roads being reinforced to keep people in.

Moe was an active street fighter during the rebellion, and like many other mutants after the rebellion chose to join the nascent SD Agency, rather than be consigned to the Skelmersdale Mutant Ghetto.

Ageing and Injuries

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