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Rutting Season

When next we meet Luc, Guy and Pol will have just arrived to a sleepy little town called Saint-Symphorien just 35 miles from Bordeaux, France. The Route De’Bazas (road) is well traveled for this end of spring season. You share the road with many hunters intent on killing the deer that throng the local forest both for sport and for food. Now is the best time to hunt they say, it’s Rutting Season. A time when the bestial sexual lust of animals over rides caution.

Your recent adventures have gained you notoriety and a little well deserved time off from the regular duties of the Guard. Which is convenient because Guy just received a missive from his best friend Robart Mandrou. Robart hails from a very rich merchant family based out of the port city of Bordeax and was Guys faithful companion during the multiple crazy escapades that dotted their school years. They were to join the Musketeers together, but Robart received news from his father that he was forbade to do so and was to return to Bordeax and run the family business. With regret Robart complied stating that his loyalty to his family was stronger then the lure that was adventure.

However, being a single wealthy socialite with financial ties to the Royal Court things turned out OK. He has kept in touch with Guy and has made friends with other members of the Musketeers during his many visits. Hansom and handy with the ladies it was often commented that he would never settle down with a wife. Then he was introduced to Princess Carressa Tiraqueau of the Venice Nobility of Italy.

His father had arranged a marriage of convenience, Lady Carressa’a family had fallen on hard times and were almost destitute where as the Mandrou family had wealth, but no ties to the elite social class- Royalty. At first Robart let everyone know that he was stubbornly against this deal, then he spent time with the Lady and soon his out look changed. Letter after letter came to Guy retelling how smart, beautiful, classy and generous Carressa was. Not to mention that she was a lightning bolt in the sack which was weird because she seemed so demure in public.

In his last letter to Guy he stated that they were to be wed in the Summer. He was away now taking care of affairs in North Africa but will return soon. Lately, he mentions, he has had horrible nightmares consisting of his beloved coming to harm. She is staying with his family in Bordeax and will be travelling with his family to a hunting lodge in the woody area of Saint-Symphorien.

Robart asks if Guy and any companions he wanted to muster could just check up on his fiance and watch over her for the few more days he’ll be gone. Although his father travels with an elite bodyguard, Robart would feel more at ease with a few of the ‘Kings Own’ keeping things safe. And besides…this would be a great opportunity to have his best friend meet his best girl!

With the missive was a substantial amount of currency that would off set any travel costs.



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