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And So It Was

So it was written, and so it came to pass, that within the text lay a table, and within the table three rows of three cells each. With styles the lot were bound, that they might appear as he desired, and it was thus: First, the corners were filled with images, as corners aught. Then, the edges were given backgrounds, that they might stand apart, yet together. And finally, within the center-most cell, a background was set, and this text was justly put down for posterity.

And the author said, “This is good, this thing I have done.” And he went for lunch and a drink. And it was good!

- Teachings of the Web, Chapter 14


The Arken Tor is the best known of so called arcane asylums, being as it is the only one located within sight of any significant civilization. The massive edifice towers above the waves a off the tip of Cape Tormung in Silverheim, where ships passing south and west from the northern coast and the port cities of Paet towards Eastport must steer carefully clear.

Its architecture is stark and simple, with a square footprint some 200 yards on a side and twice as high. The surface of the structure is smooth and featureless, save for an overhanging bevel some distance above the water line which – presumably – is meant to deter anyone from attempting to scale the outer walls. The top surface is apparently flat, but aerial investigation is thwarted by the continual cloud cover which shrouds the upper reaches of the Tor.

Arken Tor’s walls are composed of plane grey stone, dressed flat and smooth without any obvious joints or seams. In the proper light and from the proper angle, massive symbols and inscriptions can be seen on the surface, picked out only by the polished gleam next to the relative dullness of the adjacent rock. The individual inscriptions are no more than an inch or so wide each, but are clustered together into tracks and patterns that sketch out massive shapes across the surfaces of the building.

And So It Was
In the news today, an SRNN report on the security of Genotek Holdings facilities in the Seatle area called the company's precautions against both pyshical and electronic invasion laughable, stating that the company's systems were criticaly vulnerable to even primative attacks. Genotek representatives denied the clame, but SRNN representatives were quick to rebut, staging a live demonstration which successfully invaded the company's network and captured more than 3.4 tera-bytes of propriatary research data.

Genotek stated it had no comment with regard to the demonstration, but confidential sources within the corporation reported that the company's infrastructure team was, quote, "Scrambling. They're doing everything they can to lock the system down.

Security industry insiders tell the National News that publicly anouncing such critical vulnerabilities is extremely unusual, as it is likely to provoke attacks against the Genotek network, for which SRNN might be held legaly liable. They speculated that this may be a last ditch move by SRNN meant to force Genotek to invest in their services.

Rob Newtown • National News Hour
January 13th, 2043
And So It Was

Ok, now that is totally cool!

And So It Was

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