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Spyder wants to come off as the good guy here. Layna was a nice girl (and really, really nice in some ways he will never tell Paul!) and even he knows she deserved better then him. The fact that man-mountain Paul hasn’t ground Spyder into red dust with his cool-ass fist yet goes to show there might be a way to spin his abandonment of a young preggers chick back on some desolate pebble in space as a good thing.
Spyder whips up some tears fast.
“Seeing you, Paul has made me think about your sister and what I did. I really miss Layna!”
“Lucy, God damn-it.”
“Lucy was the world to me. I couldn’t stand to see her want for anything so I chose to leave Callisto and find my fortune. To make it.” Spyder eyes the thread bareness of Paul’s clothes. A year ago they were rugged, now it’s just ratty. "And I think I’m not the only one. Me and my team here have a lead on a gig that could pay off big-time. We could use a fellow Callistan to take care of any problems that would crop up on the horizon. All you need to do is sign a contract that gives back to us 25% of any profits we make from this venture and any cash we loan you to supply yourself before we go. I can go as high as 5 thousand credits.
August looks very dubious. He is no longer swayed by Spyder’s fast talk. A metallic creaking noise can be heard emanating from Augusts durra-alloy fist. Spyder tries to change the subject..quick.
“Heeey, by the way. Do you have any vids sister and the twins?”
“Yeah. I have a picture of Lucy.” August emphasizes the name as he shows Spyder and the nearby team mates a photo.

Kvalen Island test

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