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Jie notices Stian diligently punching in data requests on his hand comp about the new destination. She admires his need for preparedness, but realizes from experience that factual information about the small, volatile world of Noctocol is rare and hard to come by. She stows the requests for items and Ammo that she will take to Gunnery Sgt. Jeitter in hopes that he can provide some needed fire power for the loaner AGV and pulls from one of her multiple pockets a Holo-crystal.

“The Princess docked at Noctocol less than a year ago. A…er… Documentary was made of that expedition. You may want to view this to gain an insight as to the dangers that lay ahead of us, Mr. Løkkeberg. This just may save your life.” Jie says to Stian with a very serious (as usual) look on her face as she passes over the obviously well viewed Holo-crystal.


Lets see Content Not Found: dvd


Let’s see DVD


Coming to an end??? Hell NO !!! Jie is 1 jump from attaining the most coveted thing in the known universe….a +4 skill at Gun Combat (Energy Rifle) !


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