Rickman's Diary

Note: the weight of armour does count towards your encumbrance

ENCUMBERANCE = If load > [str]+[end] you are lightly enc. dm -1 and fatigued after [end] in hours.

For example, Joe Bloggs, [str] 7, [end] 7 can carry up to 14kg unencumbered. From 15 to 28kg he is lightly encumbered at -1 dm. After 7 hours carrying this load he will be fatigued for an extra -2 dm

If load > [str]+[end] *2 than you are heavily enc. dm -3 and fatigued after [end] in minutes.

For example, Joe tries to help his mate Fred by sharing some of his load and his load is now 32kg, more than twice his allowance. After 7 minutes carrying this he is fatigued and all checks are subject to -2 dm.
If load > [str]+[end] *3 you’ve hit max carry. This requires a [str] check, add effect to [str] and
re-calculate fatigued after [end] in rounds. Max move 1.5m/turn.

FATIGUE -2 to all checks. Recovery: 3 – [end dm] hours, if [end dm 3+] then 2d6 minuets.

You are fatigued if:
* Awake 18+[end] hours
* Heavy labour > [end] hours
* Melee attacks > [end]
For example, Joe gives up and takes a breather, after 3 hours resting, food and water he’s no longer fatigued.

WOUNDED damage is less than half of total [str], [dex], [end], [int], The character is wounded.

SERIOUSLY WOUNDED damage is greater than half of total [str], [dex], [end], [int], character seriously wounded. If conscious max move 1m/turn

FIRST AID if within 5 minutes of being wounded:

Medic check, 8+ for success takes 1d6 minutes
Roll 8+, success, restores effect in points, wound stabilized and bleeding stopped
Roll 6-7, partial failure, failed to stabilize wound, hits per round continue. You can re-roll
Roll 3-5, total failure, patient suffers 1d3 more hits, re roll
Roll natural 2, fumble patient takes 1d6 hits, -1 to re roll
if > 5 minutes < 60 minutes, as above but: half effect round down for points recovered, double damage points gained if roll fails.

Medic skill, roll 8+ points healed: + effect doubles, – effect as rolled. Needed by those seriously injured after first aid. Requires hospital or sick bay. Costs 1d6 X 50 credits X Tech Level.

Restores 2+[end] dm+ doc’s med skill per day requires hospital or sick bay and bed rest. At Tech Level 11+ medicinal slow is standard, cost as per drug, Cr500 per dose. Costs 100 credits X months X Tech Level.

Injured 1d6+[end dm] per day if resting
1+[end dm] per day if active
Seriously Injured [end dm] per day, can be negative if [end] < 6. Must rest.

Rickman's Diary

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