The gods of the Unmade Crown setting are loosely referred to as ‘The Old and New Gods’ and they are as follows with Domains.

The Old Way / The Old Gods:
These two gods have grown from clan roots having been with humanity from the very beginning. They each have four aspects that sum up the lives of the early settlers from birth to death. They represent the seasons, the lives of men and the world beyond their sight.
Domains (Choose two from the main list in the SRD)

Herne (Father, Reaper, Guardian, Guide)

Ninkali (Maiden, Mother, Warrior, Crone)


The Great Beasts:
As Herne and Ninkali were the guardians of early man the great beasts represent their fears. They are all CE in alignment.

Ahmon-Ibor: The Primal Fear, the Whisperer, That which prowls beyond the edge of the campfire light, the destroyer of civilizations.

Yeenoghu: Lord of Monsters, prince of ghouls, Fear of the eaters of the dead.

Dagon: Lord of the Sea, Fear of the great ocean depths.

Baphomet: King of Beasts, Fear of feral nature.


The New Gods / The New Way:
A recent arrival to the lands of Aurora, the Radiant Church of Aethon proponents the existence of one god and several saints rather than multiple gods. While they do not persecute the followers of the ‘Old way’ they do nothing to support them either.
Domains: (Fire, Glory, Good, Healing, Law, Sun, and War). The saints embody even more domains.


The Saints


The Dark Gods:
Cults to these foul beings have risen from time to time throughout the kingdom’s history. Some claim to predate the kingdom while others are reputed to being dark aspects of the old gods or even fallen saints. The one exception to this is Asmodeus. The father of Hell has been known since the beginnings of man and has even been an ally to the Old Gods against the Great Beasts.

Xiniphrae ‘The Red Dancer’ (NE)

Asmodeus ‘Lord of Hell’ (LE)

Valeria ‘Mother of Corruption’ (NE)

Pyr ‘Father of Slaughter’ (CE)


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