Status Points and Social Level

Status Points and Social Level.

The main gist of why we do all this stuff is to raise our Status Level. Every week a character chooses an Action that will gain him a number of Status Points. At the end of the month all Status Points are added up and compared to this Formula…

3 X the Social Level you want to be.

If you have enough Social Points to make the Formula then you have just gained a new Social Level. No more then 1 Level per month however, you can’t raise or lower more then 1 Level in a month. If you have rasised up then your French Elan would be so great that for the next Adventure you have an Extra Bennie and all trait rolls are at a +1.

If you do not have enough Social Points at the end of the month then they all disappear and you start from scratch again next month.

You MUST have gained at least as many Social Points in a month as you have Levels or else you will loose one Social Level. If you loose a Social Level then the crushing defeat is so painful that you loose a Bennie and all trait rolls are at a -1 for the next adventure.

For example…

Gilles starts his month as a Social Level 6. He needs to gain at least 6 Social Points to stay at 6 and 3X7= 21 Social Points to raise up to Level 7. To begin he paid his Club dues and gained 4 Points. He went carousing Out-On-Town with one friend gaining him 3 Pts. He then went to his Mistress Bertha who has a 4 Status Level gaining him 1 Point. Next he Studied…nothing gained there except a temporary +1 to his Skill. Lastly he gambled (but lost) at the Club with 2 friends gaining him 2 Points. TOTALED= 10 Status Points, enough to keep him at Social Level 6 but not enough to raise him to 7.

Status Points and Social Level

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