Time Sequence

Time Sequence

The activities from En Guarde! added to this game should be viewed as a little extra fun-ness and not detract from the main game itself. Being such, all gains and expenses can be calculated on a scrap piece of napkin or just totally made up in your head and the results transcribed on to our Savage World Sheet somewhere. I’m going to use the Knowledge (Social Level) section to record my guys stuff.

The Actions are discussed in another wiki. I’m just going to talk of the time frame and how to record it. The basic unit of time is the week. Four weeks make up a month and this is the off-line, non-game time unit that we’ll write a paragraph about. For each of the 4 weeks in the month, all players will write up their characters personal Actions for that week. Negotiations with other players is encouraged during the planing of your month because there are some activities that can benefit from 2 characters hanging out.

You can accomplish 1 Action per week. Once you have decided on your 4 monthly actions you can write a small paragraph describing what they are, their costs and the results of any rolls. Here you can tally all Status Points and record any changes in Social Level. On your sheet you can jot down any Bonus Additions to any of your Characters stats for that month.

I figure we’ll do this once or twice just before a game session depending on how much time the DM gives us to hang out in Paris before whisking us away to some foreign land of adventure. An example of a Monthly paragraph would be like this…

Gilles spends 15 Crows on paying Club dues, 12 Crowns on smoozing his Mistress and 6 Crowns for basic supportive necessities. He spends his First week of the month Carousing the streets of Paris with his good friend Pol. Unfortunately he was robbed at ‘The 9 Ladies Dancing’ bar, and Pol got into a duel. The Second week he paid a visit to his Mistress, Bertha, all went well, but he may have gotten the clap. The Third week was spent at home dousing his groin with stinging medicines from a street corner Doctor, since he was to have complete bed rest he went ahead and Studied up on his investigative skills by reading a book. Lastly for his Fourth week he invited Guy and Luc to accompany him to his favorite Club, ‘The Blue Gables’ and did some gambling while they caroused. Gilles, as usual, lost.

The above need me to e-mail Pol, Guy and Luc’s players and co-ordinate actions for certain weeks. Pol would write that on his first week he went with Gilles on a week of carousing at street bars. Guy and Luc would write that in their last week they joined Gilles in a week long drink fest at Gilles’s Club.

Again I would like to say that if this whole thing gets unwieldy and stupid we can easily disregard it. I believe however that it would only enhance game play by being a Game within a Game. The whole reason for all this is to gain Social Points to increase your Social Level

Status Points and Social Level

Time Sequence

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