Travelling Army Career

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Soooo, you just rolled up your characters basic Stats and a couple of 0th level back ground skills. You heard that the Imperial Army was tough, but so are you. For more information about the Imperial Army click Army Info . You attempt to Qualify to get in. At this point you are 18 years old

Roll END 5+ to be accepted into the Army

Excellent! You are now a Rank 0 Non-Commissioned Officer or N.C.O. This means you are a Private and automatically gain the Skill Gun Combat (Slug Rifle, or Energy Rifle) at level 1. The Ranking Table can be found here Ranking Info and every time you Advance you go up a rank and gain the accompanying skill or benefit.

Now you go to basic training and gain all the Skills on the Service Skills table at Level- 0. This is a onetime deal and if you go into another career you can only choose 1 service skill at level- 0 from that as your basic training. After your done writing these down, go ahead and choose a Specialization branch.

SUPPORT: You were an Engineer, Technician, medic, cook or in some other role behind the front lines.

INFANTRY: You were one of the poor bastards fighting it out on the ground.

CAVALRY: You rode a tank or other ground vehicle.

Now you can choose a table to roll on to gain a Skill. You can choose Personal Development or Service Skill or your Specialization branch . If you meet the requirements for the table called Advanced Education (EDU minimum of 8 ) you can choose to roll on that table also. If you have gained an Officers Commission you can choose to roll on the Officers Skills table too.
You choose the table, but only roll once.

Roll Personal Development Service Skills Advanced Education (EDU=8) Officerskills
1 + 1 STR Drive (any) Comms Tactics (Military)
2 + 1 DEX Athletics (any) Sensors Leadership
3 +1 END Gun Combat (any) Navigation Advocate
4 Gambler Recon Explosives Diplomat
5 Medic Melee (any) Engineer (any) Tactics (Military)
6 Melee (unarmed) Heavy Weapons (any) Survival Admin


Roll Specialist: Support Specialist: Infantry Specialist: Cavalry
1 Mechanic Gun Combat (any) Mechanic
2 Drive (any) Melee (any) Drive (any)
3 Flyer (any) Heavy Weapons (any) Flyer (any)
4 Explosives Stealth Recon
5 Comms Athletics (any) Gunnery (any)
6 Medic Recon Sensors

So 4 years go by and you tack that onto the age of your character. But you find that the Army can be a bitch. Now you roll to survive this career intact. Survival roll.

Roll a END 5 + if you were in the Support branch.
Roll a STR 6 + if you were in the Infantry branch.
Roll a DEX 7 + if you were in the Cavalry branch.

If you Failed this roll then you have a Mishap bad enough to boot you out of the Army. Go to the Mishap table and roll to see what happened. If you rolled a natural 2 on the dice then your Character died horribly and you’ll have to roll up a new one. You do not gain a benefit roll for this term if you failed the roll.

If you are still in your Career after resolving the survival roll then roll here to see what Events and interesting things befall you this term.

If you survived then good on you, mate! Now you can try to get Commissioned. This only happens once and this means that for every advancement roll you succeed at for now on you go up in the Officer Ranks and Skills table rather than the N.C.O. table. You can try to do this at any time in your career and if you succeed you don’t have to roll it again.

The Commission roll Roll SOC 8 +

The Advancement roll
Roll a EDU 7 + if you were in the Support branch.
Roll a EDU 6 + if you were in the Infantry branch.
Roll a INT 7 + if you were in the Cavalry branch.

If you advance 2 things happen. First look to the ranking Table to get your new title and benefit. The ranking table can be found here, Ranking Info. Then choose a skill table you are allowed to roll on (plus Officers table if you got a commision) and roll once for a skill.

The Imperial Army

The Imperial Army is organized somewhat similarly to the navy, with regional command structures at the subsector and sector level. The former tend to be small; little more than headquarters and liaison units.

Unlike the navy, the army is not ubiquitous. Its manpower numbers are huge, but these are concentrated at bases for the most part. The army does have a security role but its assets tend to be deployed to trouble spots rather than engaging in flag–showing operations.

Most worlds have some form of ground forces for their own defense and security, and quite often the Imperial Army will provide liaison or training assets to an important world. However, the majority of planets are not guarded or defended by the army. Instead they rely on their local forces, which can be equipped and organized in any way the world can afford and thinks is appropriate.

The Imperial forces, however, are mostly equipped to a uniform standard. Some specialist units do exist, mainly of a special–forces nature, which have equipment geared to their role. One example would be a unit drawn from an aquatic species and specialized in underwater combat.

Imperial army formations use combined–arms techniques; artillery, grav armor and aerospace defense assets are integrated into the force at various levels. Most Imperial army units are lift infantry formations. That is, a primarily infantry force with grav vehicles for mobility. The infantry ride in grav Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) and are equipped with combat armor and advanced combat rifles plus support weapons. The formation will usually contain several grav sleds carrying electronic warfare and artillery weapons, and there will usually be some tanks available unless the force is very small.

Other common formations include light infantry (optimized for peacekeeping and urban combat operations), grav cavalry (light armored striking and reconnaissance formations), armored infantry (infantry formations with a large tank force attached) and grav armour (a primarily armoured force with some infantry for mutual support). In addition, the army maintains among its ground forces a range of support formations such as electronic warfare units, field hospitals and engineering formations.

However, there is more to the Imperial Army than this. The term ‘army’ might better be replaced with something like ‘planetside combat force’, as the army also fights on and under the surface of water. Maritime forces tend to be smaller than ‘ground’ forces but this depends on the nature of the world being fought on. Maritime formations range from combat divers or aquatic–species infantry to surface ships and submarines.

The army is also capable of conducting aerospace and close–orbit operations. While in theory any grav tank or APC can reach orbit, they normally stay close to the ground for protection and concealment. Aerospace assets include strike aircraft, orbital interceptors and high–speed grav craft as well as tracking gear and ground–to orbit missiles.

Not all worlds have a breathable atmosphere, so the army maintains a large Protected Forces (ProtFors) contingent trained to operate in harsh environments. ProtFors is something of an elite assignment and units tend to be of a very high standard.


As already noted corporations, nobles and other groups are entitled to provide for their own defense. Normally this means maintaining a few bodyguards or a handful of paramilitary security troops to protect an installation or estate. However, larger military units do exist.

Some worlds maintain military formations equipped and trained to Imperial Army standards. There are various reasons for this, such as status, but the commonest is to ensure that the world’s armed forces gain some operational experience even in peacetime. Some powerful nobles maintain units for a similar purpose.

Thus it is possible to encounter an imperial army force which contains a battalion on loan from a corporation, noble house or planetary government, or a mercenary unit on contract to the Imperial Army. In all such cases the unit will have been sworn in (perhaps temporarily) as a unit of the Emperor’s armed forces and will be under the command of regular army generals.

Mercenary forces range from individuals and small teams through platoon, company and even battalion sized units. Larger formations are extremely rare. Equipment varies considerably. Mid–tech units are much cheaper to hire than top–end formations, and are entirely adequate for peacekeeping duty or on mid or low–tech worlds.

Many mercs are ex–Imperial army personnel and most are serious professionals who give good value for money. There are fanatics, thugs and wackjobs–for–hire on the merc circuit, but for the most part the licensing and bonding process weeds the worst of these out. A unit that has been hired for Imperial service can usually command a higher fee afterward as this is generally seen as a guarantee of quality.

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RANK N.C.O.Title N.C.O. Benefit Officer Title Officer Benefit
0 Private Gun Combat (Slug Rifle or Energy Rifle) - -
1 Lance Corporal Recon 1 Lientenant Leadership 1
2 Corporal - Captain -
3 Lance Sergeant Leadership 1 Major Tactics (Military) 1
4 Sergeant - Lt. Colonel -
5 Gunnery Sergeant - Colonel -
6 Sergeant Major - General SOC=10 or + 1 SOC (whichever is higher)

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2 Disaster! Roll on the mishap table (found here at Mishaps), but you are not ejected from this career.
3 You are assigned to a planet with a hostile or wild environment. Gain one of Vacc Suit 1, Engineer (Any) 1, Animals (Riding or Training) 1 or Recon 1.
4 You are assigned to an urbanized planet torn by war. Gain one of Stealth 1, Streetwise 1, Persuade 1 or Recon 1.
5 You are given a special assignment or duty in your unit. Gain a +1 DM to any one Benefit roll.
6 You are thrown into a brutal ground war. Throw END 8 + to avoid injury; if you succeed, you gain one level in Gun Combat (Any) or Leadership.
7 You are on the front lines of a planetary assault. Improve one of these skills by 1, Recon, Gun Combat, Leadership or Comms.
8 You are given advanced training in a specialist field. Throw EDU 8 + to increase any one skill you already have by one level.
9 Surrounded and outnumbered by the enemy, you hold out until relief arrives. Gain a + 2 DM to your next Advancement check.
10 You are assigned a peacekeeping role. Gain one of Admin 1, Investigate 1, Deception 1 or Recon 1.
11 Your Commanding Officer takes an interest in your career. Either gain Tactics (Military) 1 or take a + 4 DM to your next Advancement roll thanks to his aid.
12 You display heroism in battle. You may gain a promotion or a Commission automatically. This is in addition to your regular Advancement roll (So it is possible you might be promoted twice)


MISHAPS. Roll a 1d6
1— Severely injured in action. Roll twice on the Injury Table and take the lower result.
2— Your unit is slaughtered in a disastrous battle, for which you blame your commander. Gain him as an Enemy.
3— You are sent to an unpleasant region (Jungle, swamp, desert, ice cap, urban) to battle against guerrilla fighters -—-and rebels, You increase either Recon or Survival by one level but also gain the rebels as an Enemy.
4— You discover that your commanding officer is engaged in some illegal activity, such as weapons smuggling. -——You can join his ring and gain him as an ally, or you can co-operate with military police to put him in jail and -—-gain an extra benefit roll.
5— You are tormented by or quarrel with an officer or fellow soldier. Gain that officer as a Rival.
6— Injured. Roll on the Injury Table.


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Travelling Army Career

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